Leak Hunters LLC - Tolleson, Arizona

Water Line Installation and Spa Leak Detection near Tolleson, Arizona

Tolleson, Arizona, residents who discover they have leaks in any part of their property should make sure that Leak Hunters LLC is the number one choice to carry out the repair work. The company is located close by in Glendale and offers a top class and highly professional detection and repair service.

Our team of expert plumbing technicians is available to solve any water leak problems and can be with you quickly in the event of an emergency. We fully appreciate how stressful a leaking pipe can be - not to mention the spiraling water bills.

During the summer months, people in Tolleson and throughout the greater Phoenix area, love to use the swimming pools in their yards. Pools are great fun for hanging out, and they add aesthetic value to the house, but very often leaks develop, making the pool unusable.

Even a minor pool leak can cause substantial problems for a homeowner. It is estimated that one in every 20 residential swimming pools springs a leak at some point, causing property damage and resulting high water bills that all families could do without.

At Leak Hunters LLC we offer professional and dependable leak detection and have vast experience in resolving any water loss from your pool, spa, or fountain. Our detection methods are non-destructive, and we will quickly and positively find the source of the leak. Once it has been located, we will fix it so you and your family can get back to enjoying the pool.

Slab detection is another specialty here at Leak Hunters LLC and we use thermographic, electronic and ultrasonic inspection methods to solve leaks when they occur.

Never let a water leak in the home go unreported. Our team of experienced engineers can be with you quickly and offer the most affordable repair service anywhere in the area. All you have to do is call us on (602) 892-0037.

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