Leak Hunters LLC - Surprise, AZ

Water Pressure Inspection and Spa Leak Repair near Surprise, Arizona

If residents of Surprise, Arizona, suffer a water leak in their homes or swimming pool system, then they need the services of an efficient, reliable, and honest local firm to locate and repair the problem. Leak Hunters LLC can offer the best service you could hope for experience, professionalism, and first class customer service.

Over the years we have built up an enviable reputation for high-quality workmanship and absolute fairness. We pride ourselves on providing an honest and direct evaluation of the problem, and we will never carry out work that is not needed.

We will sort everything including water leak repairs, irrigation leak repairs, water pressure problems, and leaking pipes. Our pricing is affordable; we charge a flat rate of $250 for all leak detection and repairs, and we promise to price-match any of our competitors.

If you find you are receiving higher than usual water bills, the problem could stem from leaks in your irrigation system. A variety of issues could be to blame, including improperly timed irrigation, broken supply lines, failed solenoids, and defective sprinkler heads.

The experts at Leak Hunters LLC can find indoor leaks very quickly and get them sorted, helping to decrease your water bills substantially. Outdoor leaks, however, are often less easy to pinpoint, since the lines can run from a few feet to several thousand feet. We have unique methods to isolate these issues and can resolve the task with accuracy.

We often find the best and most non-intrusive way to solve a leak problem is to reroute your water pipeline, rather than repair the leak location. By taking that action, it eliminates the possibility of further leaks on the defective line.

So if you need the best leak detection and repair service in and around Surprise, Arizona, then make sure you call us at (602) 892-0037.


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