Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection in Glendale, Arizona

Slab leaks occur when holes develop in either your cold or hot water plumbing line under the concrete slabs. These leaks happen mostly within the foundation of homes and commercial properties. When you notice slab leaks, then you should contact Leak Hunters LLC right away as we are the premier plumbing contractor in the Phoenix area. Our technicians will be with you as quickly as possible to detect the leak and carry out repairs.

Slab leak repair cost is always an issue - and we offer cost-effective solutions whenever you experience a pressurized pipe leak such as this. We use detection methods including thermographic, electronic, and ultrasonic inspections, all of which will save you money. We will trace the foundation leak and carry out foundation repairs as part of our plumbing services program. If your property develops a slab leak, trust the experts to sort it. Call us on (602) 892-0037.

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