Pool Leak Detection

Spa Leak Detection & Pool Repair in Glendale, Arizona

Swimming pools are an expensive investment, and homeowners dread the extra expense of having to deal with a leak. At Leak Hunters LLC we are on hand to make leak detection in your pool, Jacuzzi, spa, fountain, or hot tub as simple, straightforward and cost-effective as we can. Warning signs of a leak include air bubbles in jets or floor heads; your pool, fountain, or spa losing more than one-quarter inch of water a day; cracks in or around the decking; the air in the pump not priming; or an unexpected increase in your water bill.

We have years of experience in pool leak detection and pool plumbing, and we will resolve the problem using non-destructive methods. Our technical team will fix the problem quickly and efficiently, and allow you and your family to start using the pool facilities again. If you think your pool, fountain, or spa has sprung a leak, then call (602) 892-0037 for a professional evaluation.


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