Leak Hunters LLC - Peoria, AZ

Water Leak Detection and Plumbing Repair near Peoria, Arizona

Residents of Peoria, Arizona, who need the services of a specialty plumber should make sure that Leak Hunters LLC is at the top of their call-out list. We have years of experience and have established a first class reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellent workmanship.

Fixing leaks in your plumbing system whether they are in your swimming pool, spa, fountain, foundation slabs, irrigation system, or pipework is what we do best. We work on behalf of both residential and commercial customers, and we are expert at locating and repairing the problem, thereby avoiding future costly repairs and increased water bills.

The team we have assembled here uses a number of techniques to search for leaks, including acoustic locating to look for leaks in household pipes. For pool leaks, we use the same system as well as underwater dye testing, which allows us to see if any suspect voids or cracks are pulling dye and water. We can also estimate the rate at which a crack is leaking.

 When we pressure test plumbing systems, we use compressed nitrogen gas. Once the gas is induced into a leaking pipe, it blends with the water escaping through the leak, and we essentially triangulate and pinpoint the source of the leak by listening for it.

Leak Hunters LLC is a great believer in excellent customer service, and we pride ourselves on a fair and professional approach to every job. All members of the military, first responders, seniors, and single moms receive a 10% discount.

For people of Peoria and the surrounding Phoenix metropolitan area, we are very much the masters of leak detection, and we are on hand to answer and deal with any emergency calls.

No matter where your plumbing leak is located, make sure you get on the phone right away to Leak Hunters LLC. Contact us anytime at (602) 892-0037.


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