Irrigation Leak Repair

Irrigation Leak Repair and Detection in Glendale, Arizona

Do you have a higher than usual water bill, but have not used more water? If so, it is quite possible you have a leak outside in your irrigation system. A host of issues can compromise the system including broken supply lines, improperly timed irrigation, failed solenoids, and defective sprinkler heads. The appearance of wet patches on your lawn is another tell-tale sign that you need an irrigation system repair. If you have a broken pipe, broken valve, or dripping control valve, you have a leak and should call the experts at Leak Hunters LLC.

Using our years of experiences allied to unique leak detection methods, we can locate and isolate the issues quicker and more accurately than our competitors. We use PEX pipe and tubing to repair the leaks. Our technicians pride themselves in sorting irrigation problems quickly and restoring our clients peace of mind. Call us on (602) 892-0037 if you need our services.

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